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Our goal is healthy, bountiful Iris. If you plan on SHOWING your iris at a MVIS show, of CONTRIBUTING RHIZOMES for an MVIS sale, you must be able to IDENTIFY each Iris plant.
Location:  Good garden soil, well drained, 6+ hours of sunlight.
Dividing: Blooms will diminish after the third year. TB clump diameter may expand 10”/yr.
Spacing: Clumps that run together are hard to dig and hard to identify. Plan Ahead: TB: 20” spacing for 2-year clumps, 30” spacing for 3-year clumps.
Watering: Depends on soil and mulch. More is better up to a point. To avoid Rot, allow surface soil dry out to 1” between waterings. There should always be some moisture at 4 inches for mature plants, and at 2 inches for replants until roots are established.
Fertilizing: BR-61 before blooming (March) and after heat (July). Consider soil renewal after third year.
Labeling: Best to use MVIS markers and weatherproof labels. Place markers in the garden for unambiguous identification. Try not to let clumps run together.
MVIS Services.
You have to order & arrange pickup; (one possibility is the next MVIS meeting or event)
BR-61 fertilizer ($3/lb) from Jacquie: 864-270-5496 jacquelinepountney [at] Plant Markers ($.25 ea) from Jacquie: 864-270-5496 jacquelinepountney [at] Ann will print Weatherproof Labels: 575-639-1087 anncolwellmvis [at] email her a list (include your name & phone number): Iris Name, Intro Year, Hybridizer (if possible, info should be on the iris label)

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