Growing broccoili as a green manure crop to eliminate diseases

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Jeff Anderson, agricultural extension agent with the Dona Ana Cooperative Extension Service and chief of the Masters Gardeners in Las Cruces suggested  that we may want to consider using broccoli grown up to just before flowering as a green manure crop.  You would then incorporate the broccoli into the soil. Broccoli can help suppress disease in soils when you want to renew an iris bed.  Do a Google search on Rotation with Broccoli for Soilborne Disease.  This scientific study with broccoli focuses on wilt which isn't a problem for irises but is a problem for  some vegetables like tomatoes and lettuce.


"After  rotation,  the numbers  of  microsclerotia  (MS)  in  broccoli  plots  decreased 44% and  18%  from  the  initial  level  of  39-40  MS /g  soil  in  conventional  and  organic  systems, respectively,  in  contrast  to  increasing  27%  in  conventional  and 3 1% in  organic  lettuce  plots.  In both  systems, wilt  was  less severe when  rotated  with  broccoli  than  with  lettuce.  Strawberry canopy diameter  and  shoot weight  were  greater  in  broccoli  plots  than  in  lettuce  plots  while  no significant  difference  in  root  length  was  observed."




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