MVIS Annual Sale

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The Mesilla Valley Iris Society (MVIS) usually holds its annual sale of Iris
rhizomes the first weekend after Labor Day.  This year the sale is 9-10 (Sat
and Sun) September 2017 at the Mesilla Valley Mall in Las Cruces (near the
theater).  These rhizomes are excess rhizomes from our members' gardens and
are proven growers in our climate.  The rhizomes have been donated by our
members and freshly dug from their own gardens.  All rhizomes are cleaned,
labeled and dipped in a disinfectant solution.  About 1/2 has been
introduced in the past 10 years!  Click on the link below to take you to a
picture album of this year's irises.  The second link takes you an album for
most of the irises sold by MVIS in the last 10 years.    

Note that this year's sale is HUGE.  Over 320 cultivars for sale.  This far exceeds previous years.

Below is the list


$2    Iris introduced before 1997              

$3    Iris introduce between 1998 and 2005           

$4    Iris introduce between 2006 and 2008             

$5    Iris introduce between 2009 and 2010           

$6    Iris introduce between 2011 and 2012               

$7    Iris introduce between 2013 and 2016      



The 2017 sale photo album won't be complete until just before the sale.  There are over 100 pictures this year on the photo album.  We should have 320 irises ranging from SDBs, IBs to TBs.  All colors.  At the bottom is the current list (still in flux, we are still digging)


Below are links to previous years irises.


$5  Aeolius, IB,  , 2009, Blue
$2  Amain, TB, RE, 1983, YEL_W
$4  Bay Front, TB, RE, 2006, Blue
$5  Bottle Rocket, TB, RE, 2010, Buff/Red
$4  Bounce Back, TB, RE, 2006, S. honey beige; F. pink purple; beards orange.
$3  Bowled Over, TB, RE, 2005, S. coral pink; F. orchid pink
$2  Café Ole, TB, 1992, Cocoa melon
$2  Carnival in Rio, TB, 1985, PLUM
$2  Chinese Treasure, TB, 1981, Pink
$2  Circus Jewel, TB, 1986, W2Purp
$2  Circus Jewel, TB, 1986, W2Purp
$5  Cosmic Elegance, TB, 2010, S and F.  pinkish apricot, F. overlaid lav
$2  Dante's Inferno, TB, RE, 1973, Rust/Red
$2  Desert Echo, TB, 1980, Y2BRN
$5  Double Down, TB, RE, 2009, Red vio
$2  Edith Wolford, TB, RE, 1986, YEL/LAV
$2  Epicenter, TB, 1994, Salmon2blk
$2  Extravaganza, TB, 1944, W/Red
$2  Foolish Fancy, TB, RE, 1985, STRAWBERRY
$2  Happy Marriage, TB, 1996, Pale Pink
$3  Heidi Alaina, TB, 2003, Pink
$2  Hell's Fire, TB, RE, 1976, Red
$2  Jesse's Song, TB, RE, 1983, W2V
$2  Kentucky Derby, TB, 1976, Yellow
$2  Lady Friend, TB, RE, 1981, Red
$4  Love at First Sight, TB, 2006, purple
$2  Megabucks, TB, RE, 1990, Yel/Rose-Red
$3  Modern Woman, TB, 2005, Lt Vio
$2  Mood Swing, TB, 1997, Pink/Peach
$3  Mulberry Memories, TB, RE, 2001, Purple
$6  Now Playing, TB, 2012, S dark blue; F blue-white, slight lemon edge and petal reverse; B white;
$2  October Splendor, BB, SA, RE, 1994, Pink
$2  Orinoco Flow, BB, 1993, S&F wh with plicata marks haft & edgea; Brds Blue
$2  Pagan Dance, TB, SA, 1989, VIO/BLK
$2  Pink Bubbles, TB, 1980, Pink
$3  Rare Quality, TB, 1999, W2Purple
$5  Redhead Winifred, TB, 2010, red
$2  Romantic Evening, TB, 1996, Vio/Black_ Red bd
$4  Sing In Harmony, TB, SA, 2008, S&F. pch-pk; F. veined, pur infusion; Brds fuzzy Or horns
$2  Social Event, TB, 1991, Peach,Red bd
$2  Speed Limit, TB, RE, 1992, Blue,White spot
$5  Spice Trader, TB, 2010, Gold Bronze Blend
$5  Stud Book Stuffer, TB, 2009, Blue/darker
$2  Superstition, TB, 1977, Black
$3  Venetian Glass, TB, 2003, Pale Pink

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