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 The American Iris Society'sAccredited Judges from Region 23 (as of 2012)Judges list can be found on the following web site.:http://www.irises.org/Member_Services/Information_Central/AIS_Documents.html Only fully accredited judges may judge in an accredited show, or present a for-credit judges training course.  (A retired judge may not judge in an accredited show, nor may a retired judge present a for-credit judges training course.) “Judges’ names below are shown as they are listed on: http://www.irises.org/pdf/Judges_list_2011-3.pdfIf you wish to get in touch with any of these judges, please contact Karen Bergamo (Judges Training Chair) or Fran Day). Apprentice Judges

  • Debra Bilberry
  • Betty Ann Gunther
  • Steve Kelly
  • Norma Riley

Garden Exhibition Judges(Formerly Garden Judges)

  • Ann Colwell
  • Helen Crotty
  • Howie Dash
  • Frances Day
  • Henry Day
  • Patricia Feather
  • Ken Fladager
  • Clifton Frosch
  • Pam Lackey
  • Pegi Naranjo
  • James Reilly
  • Cindy H. Rivera

Master Judges

  • Mrs. Milton J. Clauser
  • Phil Doonan
  • Dr. Scott Jordan
  • Valerie White
  • Patricia Randall

Emertus Judges

  • none

Retired Judges

  • Mrs. Howard Shockey

Comments, questions, suggestions? Please email Region23_Webmaster. Last Update: August 18, 2012 

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