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Howie Dash, RVP  phone: 505-541-4438 email: howiedash [at] BreakingNews: Howie Dash was elected this Spring to the AIS Board of Directors as Counselor to the Regional Vice Presidents.Congratulations Howie!

Steve Kelly, Assistant RVP  email: ppuffincc [at]

Fran Day, Secretary  email: chatmaison [at]

Debra Bilberry, Treasurer  email: montybilberry [at]

Patricia Randall, Judges Chair and Awards Chair  email: patannran [at]

Scarlett Ayres, Newsletter Editor  email: sdayres2 [at]

Pegi Blackwell-Smith, Membership Chair  email: pegi [at]

Scarlett Ayres, Webmaster  email: sdayers2 [at]


Garden View